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Ideas Can't Wait
#12 How Iris Guo builds products with scalable social impact|Founder of Neutrify

#12 How Iris Guo builds products with scalable social impact|Founder of Neutrify

It’s rare to see an Asian household saying "I love you" to each other, but  food is the media and the love language between Iris and her parents growing up. During the 2020 pandemic, Iris noticed that lots of people lost their jobs, and food security has been an issue, not only that, many restaurants are closing their operations. So Iris starts to build Openmeal to fundraise for the restaurants to enable them to distribute free meals out to people in need. After the success and huge impact of OpenMeal, Iris decided to do something bigger. She went on to found another project called Neutrify where they empower consumers with carbon footprint data on food to make informed decisions through online food shopping.

Iris is a solo female founder leading a team of 30+ people who are passionate about sustainability and believe in our mission to make a social impact. 

Neutrify was featured in The Future of Food SXSW 2021, 2nd Place @ Climate Change Fund ($2500), Startup Pitch Winner @ 10K Entrepreneurs ($1000), 3rd Place @ Climate Change Innovation Discovery ($1000), Finalist @ Global Venture Catalyst ($100), Concept Cornerstone Accelerator, Thought For Food Global Food Systems Accelerator, Social Shifters Digital Launchpad

Iris is also a Product Manager at Scale AI, she’s previously worked at Microsoft, Google X Robotics, and BlackBerry.

Here's what we discussed in our conversation: 

  • Twitter Layoff 

  • Role at Scale AI 

  • Interests in Product Management 

  • OpenMeal 

  • How Hackathon can be the place for your next project 

  • How Netrify is helping consumers be more conscious of the carbon footprint of food 

  • What it’s like to be a social impact entrepreneur 

Here's her Linkedin: and other socials: