Mar 3 • 52M

# 15 - Jordan Dearsley | Co-Founder @ Superpowered - A calendar app that actually keeps you on time

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Jordan was a software engineering student at the University of Waterloo. He had worked at big tech firms such as Shopify, Wealthsimple, and Asana, but had always been very entrepreneurial. He even used to run the second largest fidget spinner store on Etsy. One day, Jordan and his roommate Nikil decided to apply to Y-Combinator with an idea they had from their school project. They didn't expect much, but to their surprise, they received an acceptance call!

Jordan's wild journey begins, he immediately dropped out of school with the team and flew to San Francisco to start building on their ideas. Through four months of painful iterations, constant failing, and getting back up, Jordan and his team created Superpowered, a calendar app that shows your daily schedule and allows you to join your meetings in one click.

Here’s the topics that we've covered during our conversation: 

  • Jordan’s Perspective on Failures

  • How Jordan meet his co-founders

  • Applying to YC with just an idea

  • Getting into YC, Dropping out, moving to SF

  • Journey of figuring out and idea that works during YC

  • Lean start-up mentality

  • Therapy

  • Are we good enough?

  • Advice for Young Founders

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