Dec 7, 2022 • 1HR 1M

#13 Megh Patel|Meditation, Honesty, Worthiness, Ego, Act of Kindness|Co-Founder & CEO at BuildZero

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Megh Patel, the co-founder and CEO of Build ZERO, a construction and renovation company that focuses on reducing and reusing construction waste to make the construction process more efficient. Build ZERO also provides DIY solar kits and permit designs to help families afford renewable electricity.

In this episode, Megh and I discuss a range of topics, including renewable energy, solar power, and Megh's start-up journey. But our conversation quickly turns to more philosophical subjects, such as the innate characteristics of human beings, coping mechanisms for heartbreak, finding purpose in life, dealing with self-doubt and a lack of worthiness, and the impact of meditation and honesty on our lives. We also delve into the role of ego in decision-making and the different types of happiness that can come from acts of kindness and a sense of accomplishment.

I learned a lot from Megh's experiences and I think you will too. Tune in to hear our fascinating conversation.

Here's the topic that we've covered: 

  • Selling Spiritual Bracelets at a young age

  • What it’s like to renovate a Subway Sandwich shop

  • Using construction as a way to deal with heartbreaks

  • Impact from his grandfather on Spirituality

  • Honesty

  • Meditation

  • Self-doubt and worthiness

  • Ego

  • Act of Kindness & Sense of accomplishment

  • How Build Zero is addressing the construction waste

  • Solar panels & Batteries

More about Megh:

Megh have earned $20K in Awards and Scholarships:

($10,000) William Muir Edwards Citizenship Award
($1,000) 1st Place Enactathon
($2,500) 1st Place Innovation Rodeo Regionals
($2,500) 3rd Place Innovation Rodeo Nationals
($2,500) Alexander Rutherford Scholarship
($1,000) Board of Governor’s (BOG) Scholarship

Founder and CEO of 3 startups and Host of a Youtube Channel.

Omns Bracelets  - Sold ~200 Spiritual Bracelets through my website, In-store displays, social media dm's, and Etsy.

BuildZero - Helping building owners afford renewable electricity and reduce their carbon footprint. We provide DIY Solar Kits, General Contracting, and Permit Design Services ($90K.Year 1 revenue)

Smartof - Healthy Alternative for Oral-Fixations. Breathing Necklace with a soft chew tip that is designed for anxiety relief and self-soothing. So many people are suffering with bad oral-fixation habits like nail-biting, overeating, smoking, drinking, chewing gum, and candy. - (Website under development)

Mindful Megh - Youtube channel where I share my knowledge and passion of meditation.