Apr 21 • 58M

#17 Building Startups on the Foundations of Military Tactics|Tim Zhang, Founder of Remote Kitchen, empowering restaurants to accomplish digitalization transformation

How Tim graduated from University of Toronto in just 3 years, got into Stanford, and raised pre-seed from Ginkgo Capital for his start-up remote kitchen

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Tim was deeply drawn to military tactics while growing up, becoming fascinated by Napoleon Bonaparte's story of conquering Europe and the versatility of Sun Tzu's Art of War. Tim discovered that these principles could be applied to various aspects of life, including negotiation and running a successful business. Inspired by Napoleon's sense of urgency, such as only spending ten minutes on lunch and mastering speed-reading, Tim adopted these lessons in his own life.

With newfound determination, Tim completed one of the most challenging programs at the University of Toronto in under three years. After graduation, he attended Stanford to study Greek etymology. It wasn't long before he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, founding Remote Kitchen to empower restaurants to achieve digital transformation.

So far, Tim's startup has successfully raised pre-seed funding from Ginkgo Capital, setting them on a path of explosive growth.

In this conversation, we delved into Tim's interest in military tactics and history, his views on sales and project management, and his approach to life, among other topics.

Topics That we Covered:

  • Graduating University in just 3 Years

  • Napoleon Bonaparte and his impact on Tim

  • Tim’s Diet

  • Speed Reading & Greek Etymology

  • Reading & Writing

  • Military Tactics and it’s applications to the business world

  • Sunzi’s Art of War

  • The Deal between Microsoft & OpenAI

  • Graduating from UofT & Getting into Stanford

  • How Tim started Remote Kitchen

  • Sales & Sales Management

  • How to train a sales team

  • How to get good at sales

  • Project Management

  • Next steps for Remote Kitchen

  • How Tim Approached Fund Raising

  • Short-term & Long-term Goal

  • Non-for-profit

  • Tim’s upbringing & impact on his mentality

  • Waking up at 5AM & Study in Starbucks

  • Why should we ALL learn about History

  • Advice for young founders

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