Apr 6 • 1HR 18M

#16 Fostering the power of Learning - Finding your passion and curiosity|Alex Hu, Founder of Education For All Foundation

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Alex Hu grew up in China, and moved to Canada when he’s in second grade. He noticed a significant difference between the two countries' educational systems, particularly in math. Despite Canada's reputation for quality education, the math curriculum lagged behind what he had experienced in China, leaving him years ahead of his peers. This realization sparked an interest in understanding and improving educational systems, and that made him discovered his passion for education.

Four years ago, during a service trip to a rural village in China, Alex witnessed the harsh realities faced by children who lived without basic necessities and struggled to learn due to inadequate resources and unqualified teachers. This eye-opening experience lead him to create the Education for All foundation, where they delivers English education to children in the rural area to enable them taking control of their future.

Topics we covered:

  • Biggest challenge in the education system today

  • Challenges with individualized learning

  • How generative AI is paving the way for personalized learning

  • How educators can leverage generative AI

  • Cultural issues within the education system

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

  • What's the GOAL of education?

  • How can educators motivate students to develop an intrinsic desire for learning?

  • Developing an appreciation for what you're learning

  • How to find out what you are passionate about?

  • Alex's story on WHY he's passionate about education

  • Starting Story for Education For All Foundation

  • Teaching English in the Rural area of China

  • Next Steps for Education For All Foundation

  • Peer Teachers

  • Advice for young people on finding their passion

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