Nov 16, 2022 • 58M

#10 Cameron Rowe | Founder of Hover - Solving Last Mile Delivery Challenges with Drone Delivery

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Drone Delivery might be cool, but what problem does it actually help us solve? Ever since the burst of COVID, the delivery industry has been in a boom. We’ve all seen the rise and fall of the 15-minute grocery delivery industry, and the ever-rising economy of gig workers. However, there are still tons of problems that’s remaining, for example, driver safety and the raising cost of delivery. Cameron Rowe, a recent graduate from Queens University, started Hover a drone delivery company to solve the last mile delivery challenges. In our conversation, we talked about the problems of the existing delivery industry, how Drone delivery can bring changes to how we deliver, and what the world would look like when drone becomes mainstream.

Here's what we discussed in our conversation:

  • Falling in love with remote-controlled toys since a kid

  • How did Cameron get into Drones

  • Starting of Hover

  • The hardship of his start-up journey

  • What problem can Drone delivery Solve

  • Safety & Privacy Concerns on Drone

  • Government Regulations

  • What the world would look like if Drone Delivery is widely adopted

  • Advice for founders starting out

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