Nov 23, 2022 • 50M

#11 Arda Erturk|Founder of DAOHub, a marketplace for DAOs

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In early 2016, Arda was already investing in cryptocurrencies. He wasn’t only investing in Bitcoins, or Ethereum, he was also looking at Altcoins that were issued by now what we called DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations. What Arda realized about those coins, is that they are actually more like the shares of public companies, the tokens of DAOs are representing the underlying value that the DAOs are providing from the product or services that they offer. However, Arda was not able to find a way to discover new DAOs, and that made his investment discovery very difficult. So Arda decided to solve the problem himself by creating DAOHub, a marketplace to make DAO discovery, voting, and portfolio management.

Previously, Arda also co-founded ROLL a shared electric scooter company that was a part of the TechStar program in Toronto.

Here's the topic that we've covered: 

  • Starting of Roll - Shared E-Scooter start-up

  • Importance of Networking

  • Mistakes made during his time at ROLL

  • Pessimism and Optimism

  • The benefit of having a Culturally Diverse Team

  • Accept an acquisition offer? or TechStars?

  • Investing in cryptos & altcoins in 2016

  • Investing In DAOs

  • Starting of DAOhub

  • Future of DAOs, and DAO investing

  • Advice for young founders